The Idea Behind the DB Collection

The "DB Collection" was created organically through the prototype processes of Thrillside products. Personally I get frustrated when a brand sells products without knowing those products inside and out, it almost feels like the brand is unfaithful to its designs and customers. This mindset is a huge motivator for me to create prototypes myself so I could truly understand the pros and cons of designs and know what effects those details would have on functionality. Once I feel the details are properly finalized, Thrillside seeks customer approval. Mass producing products is no easy task, it involves an incredible amount of preparation and upfront cost. The DB Collection provides the confidence to our design team that we need to take a design to production. It also provides comfort to our customers knowing that our products will be high enough quality for Thrillside adventures. The idea of selling prototypes in order to reveal product demand is the backbone of DB Collection products. "An idiot with a plan, is better than a genius without a plan."