The Story Behind "Born for This"

This year Nurse's week arrived just as the COVID-19 cases started to spike here in Idaho. I remember the day she came with her new sticker some visitors gave her at the pediatric clinic, she was oddly excited for this vinyl sticker. She told me, "I am proud to represent the nursing and healthcare community, especially during these strange times when everyone (medical employees) feels like they are on the front line." My memory of her explaining the sticker to me is more vivid than I ever thought it would be. In my mom's case, not only was she "born for this" but she also sadly "died for this." After learning St. Lukes created a Nursing Education Fund in her name, I quickly decided I wanted to help. The Samantha Hickey "Born for this" logo image was created in her memory, its purpose is to raise money for her fund. We offer Vinyl stickers and face masks with her logo in the Samantha Hickey Collection. All, proceeds will be donated to the St. Lukes Nursing Education Fund for her. My goal is to write a fat check for the funding program, I know she would be beyond proud and probably emotional watching me donate to her memory.