About Samantha Hickey

My mother was an incredibly talented Nurse Practitioner here in the Treasure Valley. As a lifelong learner with a passion for science and people, Samantha earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Oregon Health and Science University and a Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner degree from Graceland University. She provided care for over 15 years as a registered nurse and as a nurse practitioner. Her most recent years she worked at the St. Lukes pediatric clinic in Caldwell, ID. Samantha had an incredible attention for detail, working with children you must be able to diagnose patients without them telling you exactly what is wrong. The amount of love our family has received from patients and medical professionals has created a deeper appreciation for her work. I always knew she was good at her job, now I understand how much she undersold her craft. 

As a mom, she attended every event her children participated in. All the sporting events, dance lessons, swim lessons, and celebrations she attended in full support of her kids. For Thrillside, she has been our biggest supporter since before day one. With all the ups and downs of chasing your goals, I honestly would have caved years ago if it wasn't for her support. It is thrilling for me to see how much of an impact she made with her craft, she is an inspiration.